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Nov 3, 2012 10:00am EDT
money away from medicare. would you like or not like about the affordable care at? >> access to affordable care is what i like. the two parties, the democrats and republicans, which i hope are replaced by more independents, they do not come to completely form when it comes to these major issues. major lobby groups like big pharmaceutical, the u.s. chamber of commerce, ama and even the aarp should get into the room and be forced to make -- they go into a room and are forced to make requirements that are not in the benefit of the people. we do not have a public option, which would have allowed people to not have a mandate and to have a public insurance provider. it was because of these different pharmaceutical and lobbyist groups. everyone is taking money from them. we need to stop that. >> governor cain -- king? do you want to answer that question? >> we should keep the affordable care act. it is helping a lot of people. i have a young men in the office who is 23 years old and covered by his parents' insurance. he was born with a tumor in his brain, not cancerous. because of a
Nov 3, 2012 2:00pm EDT
. let's streamline them. we have attacked medicare fraud and abuse. we need to continue to do that, in all government agencies. i spent years going into numerous fortune 500 countries -- companies looking for these inefficiencies. i plan using my government to find this week. >> can either of you give me any numbers? the department of energy? >> close to $85 billion. you are looking at a guy, never been in politics before, and i found three wasteful programs in the government. the combined savings of -- if every single member of the house was going and looking for wasteful programs, think about what that does. >> it is going to be a balanced approach. we need to look into it the tax code and go after deductions and loopholes that far too many corporations and individuals are getting away with. we need to make it a more fair playing field for companies. >> i wanted to get a break with my producer's questions, up because we hear from candidates all the time about what we are going to find wasteful spending. this is a chart, the u.s. debt clock, and viewers can see it, you can look in
Oct 28, 2012 2:00pm EDT
in the 1930's. what was the life expectancy in the 1930's? probably 63 or 64. >> 61. >> medicare was passed in 1960. what was the life expectancy then? probably 65. today, it is at 85. these programs were never meant to last 20 years. of course we are going to change them, and we will change them in a balanced way will remove the cap so people like me do not have our social security stops at $110,000. but we will also have to change some of the structure. some singers may not be happy about that, but if someone talked to them in a reasonable, goldway, they will accept it. >> i went out and talked to the villages -- in a reasonable the adult way, they will accept it. >> i went out and talk to the villages in florida. groups of seniors, i would walk through it in detail. at the end of the conversation i would ask how many oppose what i knew in. i did not get a single hand. -- would oppose what i am doing. i did not get a single hand. there is more that we have to do. but there are some very low hanging fruit out there that we can take care of. a one of them is the issue of eligibility. you tr
Oct 28, 2012 6:00am EDT
cutting everything 19% across-the-board, his budget voucherizes medicare. not cut those programs. -- all the sudden, he says now he does not cut those programs. he just slowed their growth. he slows your growth. he limited to $2,500 tax cut that you middle-class parents used to keep your kids in school. taking thousands of the pell grants and knocking people out of college. it is like mitt romney try to convince the guy in the employment line that he did not outsourcing is job offshored his job. the result is the same. job is gone, you have a voucher and instead of a guaranteed medical benefit. now mitt romney is running ads across the country about getting tough on china. the same guy that washington post called the pioneer on outsourcing. the same guy who is criticized the president taking action against china, saving thousands of that of jobs and steel and the rubber industry. the same guy who invest in chinese companies. the same guy calling for what they now call a territorial tax which creates 800,000 jobs abroad according to experts. all of them overseas. this is the guy who was g
Oct 28, 2012 10:30am EDT
talking about who's going to spend more money on medicare when medicare's the system that you and i pay $30,000 into and get $100,000 benefit. it's a 3-1 what you pay in and what you get out. it's not sustainable. yet it's indicative of our federal government today which is on an institute, unsustainable path, the results of which are going to be a monetary collapse unless we actually bring this under control. and as a third party, i have been given the opportunity to make the case that's not being made by either of the two major candidates. >> thank you governor. [cheers and applause] >> a lot of people ask me why i would consent to do this. one, i like moderating and two, i like asking questions even though i didn't ask these questions, they were submitted. and three, i think these people deserve a lot of credit for coming forward. it's easy to sit back and watch these people stand up. they may not be counted on november 6, but they're counting today and they deserve to be heard. [cheers and applause] each is now entitled to a one minute response if they care to use it. jill? >> yeah,
Oct 27, 2012 10:00am EDT
into the room and to safety. so you know republicans were obviously worried that medicare or social security or education dr it would blow up and it didn't. so both sides were very, very relieved with how the vice presidential debate went. >> one or two more questions. the gentleman right here also on the aisle with the glasses. go ahead. >> i have kind of a long question but i'm going to make it short. the first one is going back to the debates in general and substance versus style versus the shaping by the media. i talked to some people and i've heard even on interviews that people when they heard obama's rhett oric they felt more specifics versus governor romney's statement. so that's one. the other one is the issue of term limits. wouldn't it be better to have a six-year president so they could just have one short campaign? >> jimmy carter had that idea years ago. how did that work out for him? six-year term limit was the quefment and the other question was about the debates about who was more specific, who was more particular? >> if you ask democrats they'll say president obama was more
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6